We hope that you find it easy to use the site. You will need to register before you can start making posts and meeting people. When you create a membership  you can fill in a few simple details, such as what your level of walking is, and if you like you can write a little bit about yourself.

To register (create a membership):  click ‘create a membership’ a new screen will appear with dialogue boxes to fill proceed as below.

Account details:

  1. Username (required) – with NO spaces and NO capitals (eg – johnsmith)
  2. Name (required) – enter chosen name
  3. Email address (required) – enter email address to be used
  4. Choose a Password (required) – enter chosen password
  5. Confirm password
  6. CAPTCHA Code –  enter the code you see from box above


Profile details:

  1. Name (required) – chosen name
  2. Level of walking
  3. About me – any details you wish to enter

This will now enter your details on to the website.

You can also upload an Avatar, which can be a picture of you, or of anything you like that you feel represents you. The ideal size for these is 150 x 150 pixels so it is best not to try to upload a photo straight from your digital camera or phone as it will probably be too big. Its best to use a photo editing program to get it to the right size.

We like Picasa and its free, but you will probably have some sort of program on your computer already.

To join a group: Click Groups tag, find group, click ‘join group’

To edit your profile: Log in, then click on your name, then click the Profile link.

To create a group:  Contact Admin



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