About us

Dontwalkalone.co.uk is a web site created to provide walks in Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset and  aimed at  keen walkers who may live in the area or be visiting from any part of the world.  All are welcome.  The walks are held every two weeks, and are graded to suit every type of  walker. For example, the level of Rambling indicates a gentle walk, with several opportunities to stop;  the level of Moderate, indicates a longer walk with hills and fewer breaks and the level, At pace, means there are no stops and the pace is fast and is perhaps suitable for  training purposes.  All walks are graded and it is important that we stay together as a group.

Corinne King, the founder, tries to create walks that are of a circular route and last for up to three hours in duration and unless otherwise stated, are held on a Friday or Sunday morning and commence promptly  at 10.00am.

Dontwalkalone provides an opportunity for walkers to meet like minded people who not only enjoy discovering the wonderful area in which they live, but improve their fitness, their feel-good factor and indeed help with weight control.  It is a well known fact that walking can help quell depression.  It is a also a means to meet and make friends if one is new to this area or indeed, if on holiday, a chance to discover local communites and great pubs and coffee shops where we often stop for refreshments.

Corinne is an experienced walker who has trekked in may places overseas as well as her home country virtually all her life.  She has run courses for adults not only in all aspects of walking but given instruction in Nordic walking as well.

Dontwalkalone  provides information on forthcoming treks for charities that are taking place in the future and current information that may be of use.

There are no costs involved in joining dontwalkalone.   There is no pressure to attend frequently.  Simply join the walks as often as your life allows and you will always be welcome.  Once you have become a member, a message will arrive from Corinne informing you of the next walk to which, if you are going to join, you will need to reply.  It is possible to arrive on the morning without prior warning, but please be early.  Bring extra clothing for warmth and snacks and fluids.  It is also advisable to carry waterproof clothing.

To become a member of dontwalkalone.co.uk. simply click on ‘create a membership’.  To activate your account you need to join a group.  Please see the FAQs header for details.

ps The Large Blue butterfly featured in the logo, has fluttered back from near extinction, but the singing skylark is of conservation concern. Let us not forget.  The wonderful sunrise photograph on your left was taken during a walk around Cley Hill, near Warminster on 3 May 2013 at 5.45am.   Those that attended the walk found it a magical and spiritual experience.